President's Message

SS-20 Building Systems, Inc., has evolved into one of America's largest and most reliable sources in the self storage industry. Our company has completed projects throughout the United States totaling millions of square feet. SS-20 is not only involved in self storage projects, but also building office and manufacturing facilities, as well as specialty projects. Recent examples have included equestrian stables housing million dollar horses, and a new training facility for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our success is due to the fact that we are ahead of our competitors in every aspect. SS-20 evaluates each project individually and chooses a building system that accommodates the existing conditions and fits the site to maximize the returns. When choosing a system, SS-20 concentrates on the overall cost of construction-not just the cost of steel.

SS-20 Building Systems, Inc., has designed a framing system for multi-story buildings on a 10'x10' grid system that offers our clients the flexibility of floor plans, and speeds up the installation process. This revolutionary system consists of columns running from floor to floor, which stack into the lower level columns, speeding the erection and eliminating bolts protruding through the upper level slabs. The system has been designed freestanding to insure the highest quality of finish. Interior partitions and other finishes are installed last, preventing damage by other trades. Contractor License # CGC 1521674.