Patented Framing System - US Patent #6151851  See Framing Slideshow

SS20 Building Systems has designed a framing system for multi-story buildings on a 10 x 10 grid system that offers our clients the flexibility of floor plans, and speeds up the installation process. This revolutionary system consists of steel tube columns running vertically from floor to floor, with each column stacking into the column below it. Designed to be free standing, building erection is fast and efficient with no bolts protruding through the upper level slabs.

Our Structural Engineer is licensed in 42 States to provide our clients with a complete set of Signed and Sealed Structural Drawings for a building permit. We are engineered for buildings up to 8 stories.

Our Framing System offers many advantages:

  • Flexibility of floor plan: Interior partitions are not required for support enabling them to be removed at any time to reconfigure the unit mix. 
  • No need of full height interior partitions: No need for in-unit lighting, sprinkler heads and HVAC outlets. No interior partitions to work around for all trades.
  • Hallways & Partitions are installed last: This avoids damage from other trades giving the owner a new-finished product.
  • Stack Frame System erected faster: This system averages 15,000 sq. ft. erected per week. Do not have to wait for elevated slabs to cure since there is no drilling required enabling erectors to get back on job day after floor is poured.
  • No need for heavy equipment to erect: Majority of jobs only require a lull.
  • Larger pool of steel suppliers: SS20 is not tied into any one supplier. We have fabricators located Nationally.
  • Compatible with all types of roof systems: Built-Up, Standing Seam etc.

You are purchasing the state of the art stack structural system in the industry. This system does not rely on unskilled laborers to make your stud system a structural building.